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A ton of varied processes and techniques are applicable to carrying out the Brazilian butt lift or augmentation. So, preference comes to play when a surgeon goes with a technique over another. This guide provides information on the basics of performing a Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian butt lift strictly involves fat extraction and reinjection. Fat is extracted using liposuction, then processed with decantation and centrifugation before being reinjected back into the buttocks. The use of sterilized equipment is emphasized in the use of over a hundred injections. So, here is how it goes basically in the Brazilian butt lift theatre.


Fat extraction is carried out in a process called liposuction where slender 3mm cannulas with 1mm holes are employed to remove fat from marked parts of the body. The slender cannulas are preferred as they produce better fat grafts unlike the 5mm cannulas which may give compromising results.

The evidence of the Brazilian lift begins to manifest right after liposuction, fat removed from the thighs, lower back and stomach will already bring the attractive hourglass body shape.


Through centrifugation and decanting, extracted fat is processed and purified. After processing, the volume of fat fit for reinjection is only a meagre 25% of the extracted fat, but only the best donor fat cells are considered for reinjection in a bid to complete the butt augmentation.


This is the part we have all been waiting for; the processed fat is reinjected back to the buttocks with the help of over a hundred injections with special cannulas. Little volumes of the purified fat are injected into areas of the butt at different depths to produce the most permanent absorption rate. The injection work should be perfect or about that toproduce a curvy finish.

An average of about 580cc of fat are injected back to the butt. However, this depends on the volume of extracted fat in the first place.


Butts are more than what they seem to be, having the wrong butt size could affect your fashion life dearly. Not all butt sizes can make a jean work, and if you get a hang something should be done the try a Brazilian Butt Lift. It is the closest butt lift process you can get to natural as it uses natural fats already in the body to augment the buttocks.