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The use of mouthwash can be linked to oral-throat cancers. It can affect the natural occurring mucous shield in your mouth, making you vulnerable to cancer causing agents.

Which agents you ask? When the protective naturally occurring mucous is destroyed, you expose your mouth to many different things coming through food and drinks. Some of these may prove to be harmful.

Cigarette smoke is a glaringly obvious risk factor for oral cancer. Adding the fact that smoking while using mouthwash to mask the mouth smell is a common practice these days. This can be a real combination for trouble.

Your mouth is already full of bacterias, most are good and help to keep the bad bacteria in check. Using mouthwash will kill off both types and can lead to the bad bacteria having the upper hand. The added bad news is that those bacteria can live under your gum line where the wash will not reach anyway. This leads to the good bacteria being killed off and leaves an opening for the bad bacteria to grow with no restraint.

Infections of the gums can occur after you rinse with mouthwash. A rebounding effect is when those bad bacteria grow back quicker than the good ones and invade your gums.

Once the mucous shield is stripped, the remaining bacteria are able to penetrate the exposed tissue more easily. This leads to the bacteria that surveys the mouthwash to be able to invade ferociously because your defence has been stripped away.

The loss of saliva also incurs penalties. You will lose the buffer that limits the damage caused by harsh chemicals such as dietary acids and sugars that accelerate dental damage.

Here is the scoop on alcohol based mouthwashes and how they can backfire.

  • Your mouth feels dried out and uncomfortable
  • Your teeth will stain much easier from liquids such as red wine coffee and teas
  • Exposed roots react more to cold water and air due to sensitivity exposure
  • Your teeth become more prone to decaying because of their softness
  • They become more affected by dietary acids
  • Your teeth will build up more plaque
  • You will notice your breath turn foul much faster

Sugar free gum is a good alternative to using mouthwash. Chewing gums help to stimulate salivas production. For fresh breath you will need saliva stimulation not suppression. If you must, use an alcohol free mouthwash.

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