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My name is Dr. Sabana Sur and I wanted to update all of you about our experience with Surgeon SEO. My business is Aesthetic Surgery Costa Rica and we opened in 1996. A lot of surgeons on the island have a big business and some make most of their money from foreign customers. That is one thing I looked to have improvement.


Adam the CEO of Surgeon SEO contacted me on LinkedIn and gave me a information report about my site. I was interested to having a better search engine ranking but I chose pay per click advertising because he the results are faster. I never had done pay per click before but Adam said after 1 month if I did not see results, I can cancel. He provided a lot of information about SEO and pay per click and working with him was comfortable.

Pay per click are the advertisements on the top and side of Google when you make a search. I am doing advertising for plastic surgery and cosmetic dentist keywords. We are starting doing only Google ads but maybe try Facebook ads later.

After only 1 week we started getting many emails from foreign customers from our contact page. I was very impressed because the contacts were from America, Canada and some from Australia. That is a big benefit of pay per click that you can choose what countries you want to show ads.

This is my third month and I feel we will have more business than before because our contacts have jumped this week. We are working on adding more keyword groups. I will update this post later with new results. Right now I am excited to use this good service.